How To Save Money As Water Price Rises

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With the increase in the price of water set to hit home and business owners, the master plumbers Association (MPAQ) says conserving water has become paramount. On Monday the State Government revealed average household bills across the region would rise from $483 a year to $750 a year over the next five years to pay off its $9 billion water grid.
Rising council water charges, soaring capital costs, inflation, and interest rates have all been blamed for the blowout in the price of turning on the tap. MPAQ President Bob Kimlin says the price hike is an unwelcome but necessary price hike.

The government should have built the necessary infrastructure to secure the water supply decades ago,
but we need the water grid and unfortunately, householders will have to pay for the cost of building it”.
Mr. Kimlin says both domestic and commercial users can still save themselves money on water rates by
ensuring that water-saving devices are fitted properly.
“MPAQ members have a wealth of experience in the implementation of such programs and also have
the flexibility of being able to assist with Government and Council rebates. In areas such as dual flush
toilets and greywater systems it is important from both a water-saving and public health perspective
that they are fitted properly.”

Water-wise usage has been at the forefront of our member’s training for many years now. Also, the
working relationship that we have with many of the manufacturers ensures that we’re able to access
the most up-to-date technology, as well as provide input into future designs.” Mr. Kimlin says
consumers should also be aware of the legality of devices they fit into their homes.
“Just as there are legal guidelines controlling the way plumbers do their work, there are also legal
guidelines controlling the products they install. All plumbing fixtures and fittings must meet stringent
manufacturing guidelines before they are approved for use in Australia. This ensures they actually do
what they promise to do without causing harm.” Mr. Kimlin says there’s an anomaly in the law, which
means retailers, can in fact legally sell devices that are not approved but a qualified plumber will be
fined if they install them.
“That’s why it’s always best to seek a fully licensed master plumber to do your plumbing work. They
know what is legal and what is not and will ensure the health and safety of your family.

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